Virtual Tour Creator Use Case

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Cyango is an interactive tool that enables anyone to create smooth and engaging digital and immersive experiences.

Cyango is built using modern web technologies. In a world of digital transition, the use of web technologies are essential to assure the scalability and future of the platform. With this, most of the devices we use today are compatible with Cyango, so anyone could enjoy a digital experience in their desktop, tablet, smartphone, VR headsets, TV’s and more. The user doesn’t need to install anything in their devices, just open their preferred web browser and that’s it.

By integrating CHARITY’s services on Cyango, the user workflow will be much smoother and much faster. All the heavy load and processing of content will be made on CHARITY’S architecture, so the user won’t need a powerfull device to build and consume the virtual experiences.
CHARITY’s cloud will take advantage of this because by using web technologies is a way better workflow by using containarized apps logic and delivering XR content on demand.

Right now we have made pilot virtual experiences with our closest users. We are building a digital sales and marketing funnel on our website to get more users. The next planned steps are implementing some requested features thanks to our users precious feedback.