Papers & Conferences

CHARITY Project presents the highlights of the project developments
May 2022
Fermin Calvo
Second workshop on the future of XR: Current ecosystem and upcoming opportunities
Fermin Calvo presented the highlights of the CHARITY project during the "2nd Workshop on the future of XR: Current ecosystem and upcoming opportunities" organised by H2020 ARETE and H2020 iv4xr projects.
Cyango Presentation and what we are doing with CHARITY
April 2022
João Rodrigues
7th International XR Conference - ISCTE
João Rodrigues from Dotesfera presented their ongoing work on CHARITY and Cyango, the application behind the VR Tour creator use case.
CHARITY’s Holographic Assistant Use Case
December 2021
Uwe Herzog
Horizon Cloud Summit 2021
Uwe Herzog as coordinator of the CHARITY Project presented at “‘Success Stories and Use Cases from the European Cloud Community” session of H-Cloud Summit 2021, the CHARITY’s holographic assistant use case.
The future of XR Services in the wake of 6G
November 2021
Luis Cordeiro
International Symposium on 6G Networking
Luis Cordeiro from OneSource presented at the International Symposium on 6G Networking in Lisbon the future of XR Services, their upcoming network and computing challenges and the role of 6G in addressing them.
Cyango and VR Tour Creator
November 2021
João Rodrigues
Web Summit Lisbon 2021
Dotesfera participated on Web Summit Lisbon 2021, a popular technology event where it showcased Cyango, storytelling VR tool