Holographic Meetings Use Case

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With over two decades of experience, Avcom Entertainment (HOLO3D) is a provider of unique 3D holographic display solutions for retail, expos and brand activations.

There are several speakers in different locations anywhere in the world, virtually taking part in a conference or any type of meeting (board meetings, training, classes), as holograms. There can be different types of holographic devices at the audience location. The speakers can share content (pictures, video, ppt, 3d objects) to the audience. The audience (or a moderator) can interact with the speakers (ask questions etc) .

This UC includes number of advantages incluging the possibility for the speaker to be anywhere else in the world, different Holographic Displays in different venues displaying the same content to different Audiences and multiple speakers at the same time.

CHARITY will support this UC by providing the cloud infrastructure and taking care of service deployment and resource management

The disadvantages of the current solution is that while we are able to use several identical devices simultaneously in the same venue, using this solution we are not able to send the 3D adapted video to other locations. Currently the Speaker and the Holographic Display must be in the same location, limited by the length of the HDMI connection between the Speaker PC and the Holographic Display and to a single type of Holographic Display.

E-mail: Alex Roibu