Collaborative Gaming Use Case

Collaborative Gaming Collaborative Gaming

Collaborative Gaming

Orbital Knight is developping a mobile multiplayer AR game. 

AR stands for Augmented Reality - a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view. There are few multiplayer games using AR technology on the gaming market. This is because these types of games are relatively difficult to develop. Thanks to the CHARITY project, we can tackle the main problems and try to solve them.

Collaborative Gaming use case is an excellent example of an application that will use services provided by CHARITY platform:
- XR Resource Discovery, Indexing and Planning - for optimal resource allocation for Game Server deployment and automatic and efficient deployment process
- XR Resource Monitoring for automatic Game Server deactivation mechanism and resource recovery and XR Services Blueprint Templates and Enablers for deployment maintenance
- Specialised XR Services - mesh merging service

The nature of the game allows you to quickly notice possible errors in the operation of the used services. CHARITY platform developers will be able to use UC 3.1 to test all mentioned functionalities and bring them to perfection.  

ORBK is currently working on three components that make up AR Collaborative Gaming application: Game Client, Game Server and Game Servers Status DB. Each component of the UC3.1 will be responsible for handling one of the three key functionality of the UC 3.1 system:
- Game Client will be an iOS application running on Apple devices. Game Client will be responsible for presenting the current state of the game virtual environment mixed with the camera feed of the surrounding environment. It will also gather information about the user's current position and rotation in order to synchronise it with other users through the Game Server. Game Client will also allow you to interact with the application gathering and interpreting the user's input. Due to the requirement to use LiDAR the device must be equipped with this technology in order to be able to efficiently scan and interpret environment data.
- Game Server will be a central point for each game session. It will be a program compiled to run on Linux platforms. The role of the Game Server is to gather all game information from all Game Clients, perform game simulation and to send the state of all game objects back to all connected clients. Direct communication between Game Clients and Game Server will be realised using the UDP protocol.
- Game Servers Status DB will be a central service for all deployed Game Servers responsible for providing information about deployed Game Servers to the Game Clients.  It will also provide information about deployed Game Servers to the CHARITY platform