Charity consortium meets for Plenary in Heidelberg


On 9th, 10th & 11th(half day) Charity project partners met for their plenary meeting in the beautiful city of Heidelberg. The hybrid meeting kickedoff with a welcome from the Project coordinator Alessandro Bassi, Eurescom who was also the organizer & moderator of the plenary meeting. The welcome was followed by the retrospective discussions on the recent review meeting of the project and lessons learnt. There were presentations from workpackage and task leaders who reported on the status and next steps. The highlight of the meeting was the Exploitation workshop that was organized by partners from HPE. The goal of this internal workshop was on how to use assets developed during the life time of the project, to create and provide a service, that could contribute in commercial, societal activities or improve public knowledge and action.

Overall the meeting witnessed important questions raised and discussions on platform, upcoming deliverables and overall exchange of ideas.