Holographic Concerts Use Case

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With over two decades of experience, Avcom Entertainment (HOLO3D) is a provider of unique 3D holographic display solutions for retail, expos and brand activations.

This use case utilizes a 3D holographic display that creates seemingly 3D holograms from transformed 2D video streams. The musicians are situated in different geolocations, and are virtually taking part in a concert, as holograms. They are equipped with video camera, light system, black background, microphone, PC, software for live streaming, and secondary screen. Each musician’s hologram is transmitted on a dedicated holographic display on stage. The band members are filmed, and their respective 2D video streams are transmitted to their assigned holographic devices. The Audience is situated in front of the stage, which is equipped with holographic displays, PCs, live streaming software, video camera, and microphone. The 2D stream, filmed at the stage site, is transmitted back as feedback to the band members.

The advantages are that artists can be (perform) in remote locations that otherwise would not stand a chance to see them. CHARITY will support this UC by providing the cloud infrastructure and taking care of service deployment and resource management.

The challenge in this use case is to synchronize all musicians’ video streams prior to displaying on the assigned holographic device. In this case, we are now exploring the option of separating the audio from the video stream, so that the audio (which is the most important) is still flawless in case of bandwidth drop, sacrificing video quality for audio.

E-mail: Alex Roibu