Component Remarks Partner
360° scene streaming with QoS‑aware adaptive resolution Efficient streaming for multiple participants using HMD & eye tracking, exploiting field-of-view awareness and foveal acuity-aware adaptive resolution UTRC
Predictive provisioning of resources for resilient network services Architecture exploration and network topology optimization tools for deploying KPI-compliant resilient deployment architectures, including predictive provisioning of resources based on how the network topology may fault or evolve. UTRC
Geometric Algebra Interpolation Engine Support a larger number of CCU’s (> 50) and expand the capabilities of the Geometric Algebra Interpolation Engine towards dynamic scaling based on the network characteristics, user state estimation, context instilling physics-based behaviour on different virtual patient layers. ORAMA
AR multiplayer ECS based AR multiplayer game engine for Unity. ORBK
MOC Solution platform to provide the users a secure environment for company cloud located meetings. PLEXUS
CARE Technological solution, based in advanced technologies, to provide health solutions to both patients and doctors. Related to both holographic assistants and virtual training. PLEXUS
Virtual Tours Software Transform our existing software into a cloud solution of Virtual tours builder with live stream data. DOTES
AR Tourism Experiences Software Transform existing software into a cloud platform that allows innovative tourism story tell trough AR experiences. DOTES
AR Hologram Transform our AR hologram project into a cloud and real-time hologram projection and make it into the market. DOTES
VR Classroom Transform our existing software of VR classroom into a global accessible VR cloud platform. DOTES
Dynamic End-to-End Network Slice Orchestration Leveraging ZSM concept and ML techniques for dynamic and on-demand deployment of network slices over multiple cloud/MEC domains considering their supporting policies. ICT-FI
SCA The software development in CHARITY will follow a DevSecOps model, where security-by-design is injected into the developed objects via automated tools. HPE
AMF (Application Management Framework) Environment and tools made available to XR application developers/service providers. Facilitates the creation of slice blueprint for a CHARITY-style application, defining its building blocks and their interconnections, in a TOSCA representation that the orchestration layer can convert at runtime in a proper deployment manifest. HPE
AI-augmented end-to-end compute orchestration Intelligent orchestration of heterogeneous edge and cloud compute resources over a single “fabric”. HUA
Holographic assistant presentation engine Software module to create the 3D representation of a human or pet like avatar reacting on user input by showing emotions and appropriate reactions. SRT
Assistant logic Interpret speech from user and create an appropriate result information including speech output and avatar reaction. SRT
3D Point cloud encoder + decoder Create 3D point cloud by rendering a 3D-scene in multiple passes / Create specific view from a 3D point cloud data set. SRT
3D Point cloud transmission engine + format / codec Format definition and implementation incl. optimization of bandwidth by only transferring view-dependent required geometry and implementing compression CNR